Is your iPhone showing you correct battery percentage??

IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus has been recently reported to show fake battery percentage for months. An article titled "iPhone 6s plus battery percentage getting stuck" posted in mid-September 2015 has got more than 100 replies.

After iphone 6s plus users had complained of this bug, Apple has stayed that "it is aware of the problem and is trying to investigate the cause and solution." It has provided a temporary fix for the issue which includes rebooting and navigating to

Settings => General => Date and Time

And ensure "Set Automatic" is turned on.

Apple believes that this problem is caused when you manually change your current time zone or change it while traveling. This has confused the users as the battery percentage might not have been affected by the automatic time zone in any sense.
The problem is for example, the battery percentage gets stuck in 98% for whole day. And when I plug in the charger for an hour it still shows 98% . When I reboot, the Battery percentage will be 32% for a while and again gets stuck in 30%.

You might have to reboot your iPhone several times before you get the phone sticking into other battery percentage.
Apple might roll out the fix with update, as soon as it figures out the issue. And till then what we can do is keep rebooting or let have our iPhone bettery percentage stick at certain battery percentage. What you could also do is buy a new android phone , what if  the fix is never found, yeah, I know it's stupid to say but, who knows?? Right?

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