Reset Your Android to Factory Defaults (just 5 easy steps!!).

It's been a long time I hadn't updated the blog but don't you worry pals I'm back to work with some great posts for you. If you're already scratching your head about the topic.I just want to move to my topic without wasting any of my time.
There are various reasons you might want to reset your Android phones.

 First of all, if you have low budget android like Lava, Motorola, Colors etc. You already know the trouble when your storage starts getting full. You might always have been haunted by your lagging phones. Your phones are fine for until a year after you buy them but after that period of time your phone becomes slow like hell and even your storage gets full. A notification beeps every time telling you that your phone is almost full and you need to remove some items. Actually your Android phones save a lot of things to your memory to run the system more smoothly but which can cost you more when you have phones with low storage.
First of all, reseting your Android is to turn back your Android to the default settings or making your Android the way it was when it came to you from the manufacturer. Before we get plunged into the main theme of the topic I wanted to provide some basic knowledge so that you don't get stuck anywhere within the process .

Another thing you might not know is, you can remove your Android pattern or password in case you forget it.
This is where the post comes in handy. Another reason you might be so desperate to know about formatting your Android or you clicked on the link as soon as you saw it might be because you might want to sell your Android phone but be sure you reset it because you never know you might leave some of your accounts logged in to any of your browsers and eventually you'll be handing over your account to the person even without you knowing about it.

Oh yes! I nearly forgot to warn you. Before I teach you this, let me tell you that I was never the one who urged you to reset your phone. I'll be happy if you tell me that I'm your teacher who taught you to reset your Android but in case something goes wrong with the process and you get stuck, the teacher thing becomes void and I'll be your friend (of course always ready to help ) which means you can't blame me for whatever happened. Of course moron, you're doing this at your own risk! And as a friend what I would suggest you is to have a full backup of your phone.

And you can feel free to comment if you get into any trouble.

I'll explain it in list so that it becomes easy for you.

1.Power Off Your Phone.
Powering of your phone depends upon the model of your phone but mostly there's a button on the side of your phone to do this.

2.Remove your Battery.
      You must remove your battery so that the android boot loop is broken. If you're new to all this just need to do things anyhow, just don't think anything and remove the battery.
And what if your phone has noon removable battery? Yes there's no need and even if you had to, you couldn't for sure.

3. Put your phone to Recovery Mode.
     Again, all android phones have recovery mode pre-installed into the system. The recovery mode works pretty similarly like the BIOS in a PC. There you can find various options you might not easily find inside the operating system. Some options are to clear dalvik cache, clear cache, etc.
If you don't know how to put your Android phone to recovery mode, there's a key combination required to load recovery mode for various phones according to the model of phone. Most of the Android loads to recovery when power and volume up button is pressed at the same time. If your phone does not boot into recovery, press volume down key with power key at the same time.

4.Go to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset".
       Now move down with your volume keys to the option to wipe data or factory reset. Select the option with specified key, it might be volume up button or power button depending upon the phone model. Again another list appears to make sure you want to reset your phone, select "Yes" and wait for a while.

5.And Finally,
Now your phone will reboot with brand new theme and settings that came with your Android when you had bought it.
Enjoy it pals!! And feel free to comment if you're stuck anywhere in the process, I'm ready to help, always and ever. See you soon pals! Stay in touch.

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