Android apps You Shouldn't miss!! 2015

How many times do you hear the word 'Android in your normal working day? I am damn sure your answer is not less than a hundred. With the world full of amazing people and their ideas, you interact with so many people in your course of a day and the most amazing thing about this is that there are only a very few people you don’t  talk to about your cell phone. And here's where your Smartphone giant ‘Android’ sneaks into your conversation even without you knowing that you are talking about the giant.
And for those who still have their heads rumbling with the word Android, don’t worry pals I'll soon be writing a post with brief explanation to Android. 

Without discussing a lot about what android is, for those who have always been changing their screen lock and wallpapers and have downloaded tons of apps to make sure your cell seems the best among your circle, I give you this blog. Don’t you need to worry anymore? I am going to enlist some apps which are worth consuming storage of  your cell phone.

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1. Xender

 Need to transfer files to a pc, your friend's phone or an iphone super fast? Yes there is a solution too. This app lets you transfer every file in your phone to another device with average speed of about 5000 kb/s. That’s a lot of speed, don’t you think? Being the only app that could transfer data between an android and an apple device. This app is always ready to amaze you with its amazing data transfer speed.

2. Vault
Need to hide files on your device? Do you have a pic you recently clicked with your friend you don’t need anyone to see except you? Do you have a message you don’t need anyone to see. Then this tool might come in handy. What if you receive a private message in front of your family and your phone gives you notification 'Virus Detected' instead of  'New message received' ? Cool? Isn't it? Yes this is what this small dynamite is capable of.Try it !

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. I'll explain it best. Your photo is awful and you need an app to edit it. Trust me this one is the Best you could ever find. Being the tech-giant Google's own product, it gives you the best pic you ever wanted. It gives the experience of Photoshop, more quick more simple more better.

 As the name suggests, this app greenifies your cell preventing background apps from restarting frequently which leaves more space on your ROM and RAM empty so that your phone flows smoothly and securely. It greenifies (freezes)  selected apps after the screen turns off preventing it from consuming battery as well, leaving your phone more clean and green.

 You want to spend your holiday reading books and you have tried downloading and uninstalling a lot of apps that provide you books but if none of them satisfy your need. You need to try this app. As I suppose,it gives you excellent features of reading. With thousands of books on its own stores you could choose one and download it to read when you want to. You can also download books from somewhere else in the format pdf, epub or other formats. Whatever, it provides best reading experience as expected.

 Every time you go to your uncle's place you might feel the need for an app to lock your games because your cousin snatches your cell phone as soon as you reach there? Or you might need to know who tries wrong pin attempts on your phone in your absence? Full of rigid features this app lets you lock your apps and pretend them to crash in front of others but only you know that it’s  actually your deem. You need to try this one. Really Cool One.

Oh! Haven’t you heard about MX Player? It’s a great video player app that plays almost every video with all codec embedded. It supports dual audio, subtitles and many more.  Sliding your finger across the left hand side increases or decreases the video brightness whereas sliding your finger on the right hand side increases or decreases the volume while the video is being played. Moreover it can now be used as an audio player as well. In a sentence, a complete video playing toolkit- MX Player, use it once and you’re addicted.

Yes! Don’t  tell me your battery isn't alive until the power cut ends. The disease for which no cure has been  found so far- battery consumption. With the advanced android version and hardware, the battery life has been increased considerably for new Smartphones with higher budget but for some low budget android and some other android versions, the most heartbreaking problem is battery consumption. With increased features and capabilities, your android has been running apps and other services on background.
Yes!  your phone is still working when your screen is actually dark. For this the best app I could find is Battery Doctor!  This app kills your background apps and lets your battery remain for longer period of time. If you've always been searching for such apps this one serves your best.

 The apps you use might be saving files on your smartphone secretly even without your knowledge. This process lags the cell making more use of processor and battery consumption. This files are actually of very less importance to your device and can be re-created when needed. So why  waste your storage for no use? Don’t you think?  This app searches, identifies and cleans your cache and unwanted files so that your phone remains no more lagging.

You might be going crazy on this one but there's a reason it’s here in the list. If you had always wanted an app that could download files very quick, try this one and it gives you extra speed modes and many other features that lets you download files faster than any other browser or app on your phone. UC Browser gives you the best speed to download anything. That’s t the reason it still survives on my app drawer as the less frequently used apps.

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